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Chyna Nicole on another level

Written by on June 9, 2020

CHYNA Nicole is back with her first album in four years. Released today, Level of Concern is produced by Jumpout Production LLC.

The New York-based singer, whose parents are originally from Waterhouse in Kingston, spoke about the project with Jamaica Observer’s Splash.

“Everyone was professional, experienced, creative and extremely talented. We all put in the work. From writing lyrics, to constructing melody, to creating a musical composition to accompany the lyric or vice versa, to putting vocals on ‘tape’ to mixing and mastering to promotion. It was enjoyable because we all were born to do this thing called music,” Chyna Nicole explained.

Level of Concern has 11 songs from producers including George Miller of the Firehouse Crew Noel Alphonso and Paul “Computer Paul” Henton, Gary Sutherland, Mark Clarke, David Clarke, Lloyd “Pickout” Dennis, Jabari Miller, and Shola Henry.

Since the release of her last album Higher (2016), Chyna Nicole believes she has grown as an artiste, which is expressed on Level of Concern.

“I think audiences are now hearing a new sound from Chyna Nicole. I met individually with each producer and talked about the sound of the album and me wanting to show a different side on this project compared to the previous albums which were primarily lovers rock and reggae,” she said.

Let it be for Justice, the album’s first single, is currently number six on the South Florida Reggae Chart and number seven on the Foundation Radio Network (New York) Reggae Chart. It is also charting in the United Kingdom, making the Top 10 on DJ Shy’s Top 30 Reggae Chart.

Nyah Binghi, the second single, is also being released today. According to Chyna Nicole, the COVID-19 pandemic inspired Level of Concern.

“We are living in unprecedented times. We don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. I believe there was a time when we all felt secure and safe. It is certainly a level of concern, and we must prepare for the worst and celebrate every success,” she said “Quarantine life has brought many back to the basics and the concern is now about eating healthier, exercising more, keeping in touch with loved ones, educating ourselves and being conscious about the music we feed to the masses.”

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