Pluto and Friends returns

Following overwhelming response to his 50th anniversary event in South Florida in 2020, veteran musician Pluto Shervington returns to the Gulfstream Racetrack on February 12 for Pluto and Friends.

It will feature the singer-songwriter, whose recording career soared in Jamaica during the 1970s. After migrating to the United States later that decade, Shervington established himself as a live act in South Florida.

On ‘Friends’, he will share the stage with Chalice, Third World, J C Lodge, Ernie Smith and Boris Gardiner.

“The decision to stage another Pluto Shervington show was based on the success of the first show and the response of those in attendance and those who heard about it and requested another show,” said co-promoter Marco Brown.

The first gig celebrated Shervington’s golden anniversary in the music business. It drew a full house with fans, according to Brown, coming from Jamaica, Canada, New York and the Cayman Islands.

That event took place in February just before the deadly spread of COVID-19. The pandemic prevented a follow-up show this year.

Brown, who has known Shervington for over 50 years, was with him in the 1970s when he rode charts with easy-listening songs like Dat, Your Honour and I Man Born Yah. He was in the singer’s camp when he had a remarkable 15-year run as lead artiste at Sundays By The Bay in Miami.

Because of that track record, it was not difficult pitching last year’s show which featured Gardiner, Third World, Smith, Carlene Davis and Inner Circle.

“I really was not surprised at the success as Pluto is an icon in the industry and also the line-up was one that there is a major demand for. Pluto is so much an easy sell in South Florida as he is considered by many as their favourite reggae star,” said Brown.

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