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Entertainer Stylo G traumatised after being taken from house by cops

Written by on September 25, 2019

UK-based recording artiste Stylo G claims that he has been traumatised by an incident during which policemen detained him and four members of his entourage briefly at the National Police College of Jamaica in Twickenham Park, St Catherine, then processed and released them on Monday.

“It just traumatising fi me fi know say I’m here working on my music and somebody gonna come and take me out of my house for no reason,” Stylo G said. 

A member of Stylo G’s camp also denied that there were wanted men in his entourage. 

“Five persons were detained, five persons were released, nothing like that king, no loose ting,” a source close to the artiste told Loop News reporter Claude Mills. 

The “Touchdown” artiste went live on his Instagram profile when the police approached him while he and his associates were staying at a house in a gated community, Caymanas Country Club Estates in St Catherine.

The policemen found no weapons or evidence of illegality, the lawmen said he had to come in for ‘processing’, the source said.

The recording artiste seemed bewildered at how the situation had evolved into a minor security crisis. 

“People send police ah mi place. Why you want arrest me and take me to the station? Why you want to arrest me and yuh don’t find nuh gun? This is wrong,” Stylo G said in the video. He then handed the phone to a female who recorded the entire interaction. 

“Keep it live, because this ah Jamaica, mi nuh trust nuttin. Unu come, kick off the door. Gun, everything inna we face. We here, and there is no weapons here. You’re gonna take us right now to the station, for what? Oonu search the place and nuh find no gun!” 

The lawmen ignored his comments and firmly insisted that he was being taken to the station to be processed. 

“Don’t forget that you’re not in England. When all is said and done, you’re going to the station. If you don’t want to come to the station, we ah guh put the handcuff on you and carry you,” one of the officers was heard saying in the live video.

Stylo G said that he was released after processing, but said that the ordeal has left him angry and traumatised.

One resident of the community told Loop News that Stylo G should have been more discerning in who he allows to be members of his entourage, and dismissed accusations of “fashion profiling”.

“Stylo G, you have a responsibility when you rent an Air Bnb from an owner to come in and respect the community and your neighbours. Remember that as a community, we are trying to create a family environment based on security, mutual respect and promoting certain values. We are not going to welcome you unless you come with a family unit vibes, once you come in a community and you don’t look right, having people mask up and riding Yeng Yeng bikes, creating excitement, people are going to call the police. Stylo G live a foreign, him know that,” one resident mused. 

“Look pon it from the point of view of a resident, as you a drive out and two Yeng Yeng man ah drive in with bag on back and cane row up, people nah go like that, they will feel they are in danger. We have to fight back against criminality, we have cameras are at the gate, security guards ah pick up things on the CCTV, and it is hooked up to Jamaica EYE, they see everything. This community has retired police and soldier live over here, we are fighting hard to preserve a lifestyle over here in Caymanas, we will not allow any sort of behaviour that threatens our way of living,” the resident said.

There is a Restrictive Covenant that speaks to purpose of the dwelling unit in the community, and the commercialisation of residential space. The covenant states that one, no dwelling unit shall be used for any purpose other than single-family residential purposes, and secondly, no business may be operated out of a dwelling unit, whether for profit or non-profit which attracts vehicular or pedestrian traffic to the dwelling unit.

The residents of the community are fighting to preserve the sanctity of the community even as owners operate their units as part of the Air BnB network. 

“You may not be aware of the fact that recently (not for the first time) the police carried out a similar raid in Phase One to apprehend one of the most wanted criminals in Jamaica who at the time was “legally renting” and hiding out in the community through AirBnB.   I am quite certain you would not want to be residing in any community where wanted men can freely enter and intimidate your family.  There are many more dangers associated with your “legally renting” status which would take too much time to explain.  However, please be reminded that Caymanas CCE has been used as a haven for criminals escaping the dragnet of the State of Emergency and therefore is on the police radar,” another resident said. 

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