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No love in dancehall music – Frisco Kid

Written by on December 9, 2019

Nineties dancehall front-runner, Frisco Kid, says come 2020, he will be seeking to bring back some authenticity to dancehall music. During his performance at a Gleaner staff meeting on Tuesday, the deejay says in recent times, fans have been requesting that he return to the music scene to “fix things”, as dancehall music has lost its love.

“Yuh see fi 2020, we a go channel back the music to how we know it should be because right now out there, music lost its value. Nobody nuh wah hear dancehall again coming from Jamaica, it’s all about the afrobeats and everything else. We know every era have a different energy and vibe innu but it all boil down to doing things in the right and proper manner,” he said. “Me wah di yute dem do good music, real music. We affi take a page outta the icon dem books. Look pan man like Freddie McGregor, from before me even born dem man deh a sing, and guess wah, me can go watch him at a concert right now in this day and age; and yuh still feel da energy and da love deh. The greats like Dennis Brown, Gregory Isaacs (RIP), Beres Hammond. Dem man deh make real, authentic music weh will never die.”

He went on to explain that contrary to popular belief, the subject matter of the songs being produced today is not usually the problem. He says he sees no issues with artistes singing about ‘gyal and guns’ but says the problem lies with how the artistes choose to relay their messages. “This generation have no love for themselves and so dem nah no love for anybody else either. Das why when dem sing, the music sound so. Nuh love nuh inna dem, they have no joy. Dem a glorify some thing weh nah benefit nobody. Me nuh say yuh can’t sing bout gyal and gun innu, but is not what yuh say, is how yuh say it,” he said. “Me do Big Speech from 1993, that’s some 26 years, and yet me can still sing da song deh today fi yuh pan stage and it rock yuh, and yuh enjoy it because it full a love and good energy.

“Dem time deh we a dweet fi di culture and the love of music. Nowadays, dem yute yah weh a do music do it because of what dem can achieve from it but, at the end of the day, it nuh have no moral and nuh value,” he continued. “Me expect dem likkle yute here now weh just a come into the business fi look and learn. We want dem to know that whatsoever dem do, dem must try do it good and in the right and proper manner that it can educate, uplift and sustain.”

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