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Artistes can reduce crime wave, says Myrhdak

Written by on December 9, 2019

Ras Myrhdak aka Siqx Godfather says the gun violence plaguing Jamaica can be drastically reduced if all artistes decided to clean up their lyrics.

“We, as artistes, have been feeding the youths negative thoughts and ideas for decades now. When a gunman name established, either through lyrics by an artiste in a song; every other gunman walk proudly on either side, ’cause you create a violent example to follow and for the youths to aspire to one day surpass, and that leads to more deaths,” said Ras Myrhdak.

“Artistes are powerful people in a society that is not very literate. A lot of youth in the society, they don’t read books, especially males, but they will listen to song and listen it well. To show how powerful music is, there is a song about woman loving only gunmen, and that is glorifying violence and that is what all the youths are listening to now, and the media is promoting that,” he continued.

The artiste, who trimmed his Rastafarian locks in 2015, believes that Jamaica has an unhealthy preoccupation with violence and when you add deprivation, illiteracy and poverty to the mix, it is a recipe for death and destruction.

“Remember that artistes use music to make money. Violent lyrics sell, when the police go on a mission to hunt and kill criminals, they listen violent songs, same as the criminals. We are creating this environment directly and indirectly. Violence create more violence, we lose generations to this system, and no artiste nah go ‘ni-night’ or pay for the funerals of these dead youths,” Ras Myrhdak said.

According to UNESCO, Jamaica has an adult literacy rate of 88.1 per cent. Only in a few countries female literacy rates are above male literacy rates, in Jamaica, 92.7 per cent of all women aged 15 years and older are literate, compared to 83.44 per cent of men.

According to police statistics, 2018 saw 1,287 murders, while 2017 had 1,641. So far, 1,101 people were murdered in Jamaica since January 1.

The Sixq Godfather is pushing Tyler Perry, Trending, and a cover of The Righteous Brothers’s Unchained Melody. He is managed by Natalie Osbourne of 43ver Promotions.

“I am getting the most buzz on Trending. It is playing in the streets of the Corporate Area, every mixtape, the selectors are giving me a big strength,” he said.

He is known for songs such as Evil Ship featuring Capleton, Heights and Pray, and Blazer.

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