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Commendations for Coppershot

Written by on December 9, 2019

HUNDREDS of patrons, including entertainment personalities, made the journey to Caymanas Golf Club in St Catherine for Coppershot’s 25th anniversary last Saturday night.

The occasion, which saw the sound system in action, as well as performances from several artistes, was electrifying from start to finish.

Playing a potpourri of dancehall, reggae, and hip hop songs, Coppershot showcased the versatility that has contributed to its continued relevance since 1994.

Grammy-winning deejay Sean Paul, who was one of the live acts and brother of founding member Jason “Jigzag” Henriques, said he is proud of the sound system’s consistent growth and ability to continue blazing a trail for more than two decades.

“Is a great set of musical ears,” is how he describes Coppershot.

“They recognise great deejays on spot and rope dem in. They also recognise great tunes and break dem into any society or any place, whether it is dancehall wah bem break inna Spain or hip hop in Jamaica,” he continued.

Sean Paul said he spent many years on the road touring with Shaun “Copper Shaun” Anderson. According to him, it was a privilege to work with the professional.

“I’ve been proud to work with and be on the road with him. He also works with Baby Cham and he facilitates nuff people in the business. Nuff respect to him every time,” he said.

Cham, who also performed, raised his hat to the sound system.

“Their [Coppershot] 25th anniversary means everything to me!” he told Observer. “Them say Coppershot yuh cyaa stop a shot, from day one dem always jus’ different even though dem come from uptown Jamaica on a whole, just accept Coppershot. Dem play everywhere from in the ghetto to the uptown. They are just all about the music.”

In addition to Anderson and Henriques, the team comprises Marc Chin, Blaine “Cutty” Nesbitt, Andrew “Ash” Hemley, Daniel “Stylz” Marino, Kevin “Cyclone” Walker, Shamani “Kitt” Hayles, Russell “Russ Buss” Gordon and Matthew “Witty Blacks” Thomas.

At minutes to 2:00 am, selectors readied the anxious audience that gathered on the hillside for the spectacular performances that would bring the evening’s festivities to an end.

The cold was no match for the heat generated by Chi Ching Ching, who had patrons dancing to his songs, including Breadfruit, Rope, Saving Pan, Callaloo and Way Up. Sean Paul took the mic moments later to thrill the audience with several songs from his song book.

The energy was later amplified by Cham with his catalogue of hardcore dancehall hits, including Vitamin S and crowd favourite – Ghetto Story. However, when Bounty Killer hit the stage, it was pure pandemonium. Fans could not help pulling out their phones to record his electrifying performance.

Munga Honorable, and newcomers Skillibeng and Moyann also did worthy sets.

The night ended on a high note, as after the performances, Coppershot gave the audience 15 minutes of uninterrupted juggling which resonated with patrons.

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